This assignment required that we find and analyze a current advertisement looking for design elements that we’ve been discussing all semester, design our own similar ad using the findings, and create slides from which to present all of that content. In order to accomplish all of this, I looked at a lot of print ads trying to determine a good one for this project. I found a lot of great advertisements including:

I found that I was looking for specific criteria in my search: The ad had to be simple enough that I could replicate the style within my abilities and time allotment. (It is finals week, after all). I love the Move the City ad above, and I thought that I would have a blast recreating some other stacked imagery for a different take on it, but when weighing the reality of what it would require, there just wasn’t time enough for it.

However, as I searched, I also found that the most effective ads had some specific content in common.

  1. They use a sans serif font. Nearly always. Never a script, and almost never a decorative type.
  2. They are usually minimal. A specific focal point is required, you don’t want the message getting confused in advertising!
  3. They use a limited color palette, and it usually is consistent with the branding of the advertised item.

I’m sure there’s much more to it than that, color theory, word selection, etc. But these are what stood out to me.

The ad I chose:
ad6I really love this ad campaign by Intermarche about food waste. They’ve taken a new, interesting approach to the topic and haven’t thrown any statistics at their audience. They’ve even made light of the imperfections of produce.

Intermarche has developed this campaign about both fruit and vegetables. Here are a few more examples of their print ads:







My Take On It

I noticed right away the simplicity of the ad, the sans serif type, the catchy headline, the consistent color palette, and the beautiful photography.

Now, if you’re dong a campaign like this, you probably look for abnormal produce to photograph. And I’m sure you’d find plenty of it! I, on the other hand, had to create an abnormal image out of what I had on hand. Testing both my photography skills and my photoshop skills, I took a simple picture of a pineapple before my husband chopped it up for dinner.
20170708_185904I took the photo in front of a blank wall, holding it out in front of me. Then I set about editing the photo in photoshop where I cut out all of the background, copied just the pineapple, pasted it back on top of the first, but reversed the image. Then I used masks, the clone stamp and the content blender to make it look like the pineapple had two tops.

Then I created a poster in Illustrator and inserted the new image. I chose a font as close to what Intermarche is using to create all the text on the poster, and I even used their poster of the eggplant as a template in the background so that I could match their leading and letterspacing.

Here is the new poster:

fruit poster












Designing slides around the campaign was a little trickier for me. I struggled with the color palette selection. In the end, I kept it very simple, used complementary colors from both the old ad and the new one and identified the design elements in each.

Here are the slides for the presentation:





After watching all the presentations in class, it was pretty much confirmed to me what I had determined earlier in looking for effective ads. Sometimes simple is better to express your point. A lot of times, as we’re beginning designers, we tend to over do it and get things too busy, too over-designed. It would be better to be more minimal and use the design elements more effectively.


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